Why It’s Your Job to Lead Your Story

Are you a leader looking to level up your marketing and content strategy? Then it’s time to take control and Lead Your Story.

Here are 3 Leadership Mantras to Lead Your Story

1️⃣ Skill ≠ Strategy

the most skilled people in your organization, especially creatives, should not be in charge of strategy. That’s your job as a leader. Don’t punt and give this unfair and heavy lift to your staff and agency partners. 

2️⃣ Skill ≠ Story

when you hire that skilled social media star, business dev rep, or web developer, they know their craft. But they don’t know – your company, your brand, your story, your way. If you expect employees and partners to bring that to your company, then you’re admitting that you are a commodity without culture or a unique voice. 

3️⃣  Skill ≠ Synergy

your people and business partners can and will only synergize with your leadership. Without it, they often operate in silos. And unfortunately, the tendency leans toward a culture of protecting one’s craft and creations at the detriment of the bigger picture, brand, and business. 

Remember: marketing and content aren’t about skills (i.e., pretty things). It’s about complimenting creative skills with a communication strategy, story, and synergy so that your brand stands out and emphatically communicates… 

“This is who we are. This is our STORY!”

Out… X