Are You Solving The Right Problem?

One of the most valuable and powerful tools you can have in your arsenal is the ability to solve problems. But not how you might be thinking of “problem-solving.”

I’m talking about the ability to push pause when everyone else is making assumptions and to ask a clarifying question…

“Are We Solving The Right Problem?”

You see, problem-solving isn’t as much about brilliance coming to bear on challenging issues. It’s really about honing in on what matters most. It’s the ability to focus on what I call the “Prime Movers.”

These often small and overlooked Prime Movers are what do all the heavy lifting when it comes to outcomes. But to find these gems, you have to push pause, back up, challenge assumptions, and ask almost child-like questions.

The biggest of which is…
Are We Solving The Right Problem?

I’ve leaned on this question in my career building businesses, leaders, and teams. So often, it has allowed me, the “dummy/novice” in the room, to come up with the most profound and simple solutions.

For example, once, we helped a client make over $2.3 million, going from a 5% close-rate to over 90%. And it wasn’t from a clever solution (see video above).

We got this result by removing the assumption that we were solving the right problem. In challenging this assumption, I proposed skipping costly training that nobody wanted. Instead, we opted to change just one line in how the client communicated their offer.

And overnight, nurse practitioners became closing machines without ever having to sell anything.

The moral of the story, don’t assume you’ve identified the right problem. Don’t fall into the expert trap of finding a problem that fits your skills and the well-worn path you’re familiar with.

Do this, and you’ll not only get better outcomes, but you’ll create more Impact and Income.

Out… X