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We all have a LEVEL-P. A level where we live with Purpose, Passion, and Power. A level where our Potential is realized, and we can finally Do Something Special with our life!

In our podcast, we explore all things LEVEL-P, highlighting stories, examples, and the latest breakthroughs of living at LEVEL-P. Join us!

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Breakthrough Coaching

At times we all face what seems like insurmountable odds stacked with so much challenge, pressure, and pain that we’d give anything to break through. Because we know, that on the other side isn’t just relief, but also purpose, peace, power, and most important proof.

You see, this isn’t whimsical or fluffy self-help because none of that matters to someone in need of a breakthrough. What does matter is uncovering undeniable proof that…

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We Are Who We Say You Are

At the end of the day, we all seek proof that we are who we say we are. Proof that our potential and vision of our highest self isn’t just a fantasy. It’s the undeniable proof that we can do more, give more and a become more than our challenges.

This is what I call The Breakthrough Journey, a journey we take over and over as we go through life mastering one level just to be challenged by the next. And what we find often is that our next-level requires new insight and intensity to turn bone-crushing challenges into pathways for real growth and fulfilling success.

And here’s the key: nothing short of succeeding through your current journey will prove to you that you are who you say you are; that you are worthy of your next-level. Any realistic and truthful look at life will prove this point. But despite this fact, many of us still try to escape our Breakthrough Journey. We try to medicate it away, deny it exits, or run and hide from the responsibility of facing it head on.

But as I’m sure you’ve experienced, we can never hide for long. Our next-level always roars back, prodding us to grow and to prove we are worthy of relief and actualizing the purpose, passion, and power we know is there. In short, there is no escape, the only path is breaking through.

So if you’re experiencing insurmountable pressure and pain, try to smile about it. Not because it’s enjoyable, but because you are facing your Breakthrough Journey. It’s what you asked for when you desired more out of life and yourself. But before you can have more you first must give, do, and become more. Or said different, you must prove yourself worthy of what’s next and that you are who you say you are.

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