They Liked It, But Did They Buy It?

One of the most important jobs of a leader is to focus on what matters most. And what matters most is ensuring that your company has what it needs to operate and thrive.

So while likes, follows, and subscriptions matter — and the compliments we receive help us “FEEL” good — they will not FUEL nor sustain our business.

And that’s why a leader’s greatest priority is to maximize the eXchange of value for currency. Not because income is most important, but because a leader doesn’t have a shot at making an IMPACT without it.

So I challenge you with this simple idea. Appreciate the endorsements, likes, and testimony of “Impact” — but be relentless auditing the business of it all…

Ask and constantly refocus by asking these questions of yourself and your team:

  • Is it making money?
  • Did it generate income?
  • Will this drive new business opportunity?

Out… X