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Hasani X
The Chief of Story

My name is X. I’m the founder of Lead Your Story. And what we've learned in generating $100 Million in value for clients, crafting 1,000’s of stories, and training over 10,000 leaders and team members is this…

Best Story Wins!

It’s not who has the best people, the best service, or the best product! The winners in the market are the companies and leaders who communicate the best stories. And here’s why this is good news for leaders like us.

Leaders like us aim to be good at what we do. We take pride in serving and delivering great products and services to our customers.

This means we have an untapped opportunity if we learn how to marry powerful communication with our quality services and products. With this one-two punch, our brand and culture are unstoppable.

So no more being the best-kept secret. No more losing market share to companies with inferior offerings, but better branding and marketing. It’s your time to Lead Your Story and lead your company by building an unstoppable brand and high-performance culture.

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Learn to Communicate Powerful Stories to Build Unstoppable Brand and Culture

Nothing moves and connects people emotionally like Stories. That’s why the best leaders and organizations rely on Stories to drive branding, marketing, sales, and even internal culture and performance.

In this short mini-course, you’ll receive 6-quick video lessons on how to use Story in your business. You’ll learn:

  • 3 Core Stories that every business needs to build a brand
  • 4 Part Story System for crafting powerful stories
  • How to craft your Unifying Brand Story to align all parts of your business and culture

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