Brand Like An Indian Wedding!

Have you ever been to an Indian wedding?

I’m in Atlanta, hosting a Story Day with a client in this big fancy hotel. And while we have big cameras, tons of gear, and look like a Hollywood set, nobody is paying us any attention.


Because there’s also an Indian wedding going on at the hotel, and if you’ve ever been to a traditional Indian wedding, you know it’s an event. A wild, fun ceremony that lasts several days. All of it unique and special. The music, food, attire, tons of tradition, and hundreds of guests — nobody throws down like Indians during a wedding.

And that’s the point!

Because if we were to think of our brand as a wedding, it should be an Indian wedding. Not your typical type of wedding that’s non-distinguishable, only special to the bride, and often by force to the groom.

In short, at the alter, the union of your brand STORY meeting your customer’s desires needs to be special, unique, and galvanizing. And when experienced, nobody leaves saying, “Well, that was just like ___________.” 

And I promise you, nobody (at least here in ATLANTA) goes to a traditional Indian wedding and mistakes it for an ordinary, everyday kind of experience. And the reason is simple. An Indian wedding experience embodies their unique Story. A Story that’s 100% theirs. And my friends, that’s the power and point of having a Story.

Your Story separates you from the pack and unites people around who you are. Thus, becoming your company’s special way of thinking, feeling, and being (i.e., “culture”). This storified culture signals to the world, WE are this. And that not only bolds well for selling products but also helps your team further buy in, buy-in, and believe.

So I challenge you to Lead Your Story and fight to make an emphatic stance…

“This Is Who We Are. This Is What We Stand For. And We Are Not Like Everyone Else!”

And it’s worth it too. Because falling short of this declaration is expensive, and dare I say, an existential threat to your business. It sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth because Story separates brands from everyday, ordinary commodities. 

With a brand Story, you become irreplaceable in the minds and hearts of your target market. Without it, you’re a commodity in fierce competition as just another choice among many. And that’s why it is up to you to LEAD…

Because the fact is, brands don’t build themselves. 

Only weeds grow without tender loving care and cultivation. So it’s up to you and your leadership. The kind of leadership that communicates a clear vision and delivers value that goes beyond mere product and into the realm of creating purpose, passion, and an irreplaceable feeling in the people you serve.

Or said differently…
Be like an Indian Wedding.

Out… X