3 Simple Steps To Go From Creative Idea to Making A Profit

3 Simple Steps To Go From Creative Idea to Making A Profit

3 Simple Steps To Go From Creative Idea to Making A Profit

So many business owners or potential entrepreneurs are trapped because they will not ACTIVELY PUSH THEIR CREATIONS to people who appreciate what they have to offer. The fix seems really simple right…

Create shit, get it to people who love it, and make a profit so that you can do it again.

But it’s not that simple. Because CREATION, especially creating something of value, requires we pay attention to all three stages of creation. Skip one stage, and you’re trapped. Complete all three, and you’ll profit enough to do it all again.

Creation Stage 1

The first stage is in your head. You have to see it, feel it, and develop a crazy belief in YOUR CREATION. Because here’s the truth…

If you don’t believe in it, then why would you expect anyone else to believe in it! Or said differently, you must be the first one sold. And my friends, this is a huge trap for most and why so many business owners, especially service-based businesses, fail. Here’s the fix…

BELIEVE! And when you think you believe enough, find a way to BELIEVE SOME MORE.

When you are the first one sold, you’ll 10X your capacity to communicate value. PLUS you’ll have the drive to do what it takes to make your idea real. So don’t skip this step – see it, believe it, feel it, and know the value you and your creation bring.

Creation Stage 2

Next, take your inner vision and communicate it to the world. Yes!!!!! Even though you have not done much, you should speak about it, write about it, and share the idea with buyers BEFORE you sit and try to create your widget. Here’s why…

Feedback is the creators best friend. It allows you create at your best because you have to find a way to meet not just your vision, but the value and vision of those who will consume your creation.

Remember, you must profit from your creation to have the opportunity to create again. So by speaking about it, you begin the early process of having to take an amorphous emotional stew of possibility and form it into something that travels well (at least when communicated). This will allow you to make your idea better and give your first creation value. Meaning, you’ll get paid from the jump.

Side Note: building a strong internal BELIEF doesn’t mean being closed minded. It means believing enough in the potential of your creation that you’re willing to share. And… because you want your creation to come to fruition so badly, you’ll listen to feedback from REAL BUYERS. Don’t ask just anyone, only get feedback from people who are potential buyers/consumers of your creation.

Creation Stage 3

Afer getting feedback, create fast and furiously. Don’t think and over analyze. Just take the input and deliver your first creation. And VERY IMPORTANT, don’t be timid about asking for payment. A creator requires profit to keep creating. Get ya money 💰💰💰!

Don’t Fall Into These Creative Traps

Most people don’t go through these simple stages out of fear. The first fear is falling so in love with their idea that they dare not share it. So they live it out in their head and are content with the vision of it. Why risk reality messing with such a perfect vision (I’ve been here)

Or even worse… you fear early feedback, so you run and just blindly start creating. You give everything to creating the PERFECT product. Then what happens? You get stuck in the perfection loop never getting it done and then eventually quitting. Or…. the market says, “we don’t like it, so sorry, so sad!”(I’ve been here too).

Here’s the truth, perfect isn’t the goal, delivering real value that makes you a profit is. So no more of that, the world needs your story, vision, and creation. So see it, believe it, communicate it powerfully, get feedback from real buyers, and then get busy creating and delivering immediate value.

That’s all for now.