Crazy Alien Lights and The Reward of Being Ridiculously You!

Crazy Alien Lights and The Reward of Being Ridiculously You!

Crazy Alien Lights and The Reward of Being Ridiculously You!

I saw something crazy ridiculous this morning, and I want to share it with you…

I was driving to the gym at 4:45 this morning, and I see these lights out in the distance.

They were kind of randomly bouncing up and down.

One light at first, then two… then I see a series of eight bouncing lights.

It looked like some alien-like thing.

Then, as I get closer, I see another set of 8 bouncing lights.

So course I’m like…. What the hell is that?

As I roll up on the lights, I finally see that it’s two people jogging.

They are wearing these harnesses with eight huge lights covering their entire back.

I’m talking HUGE, not some small LEDs.

Could you imagine walking into the store to get this thing?

“Do you have running lights? I run in the dark and don’t want to get hit.”

The sales clerk brings back a reflection belt.

You’re like…

“No, I need something better than that, think bigger, more reflective.”

The store clerk says ok and comes back with a small clip-on light.

But you’re like…

“No no no, I need more lights!”

The store clerk says….

“Well, I do have these new harnesses. They have eight big lights that cover your whole back, it’s overkill, but do you want it.”

“Hey babe, look at these…”

She says…

“Yes, they’re perfect.”

The point is, it might be ridiculous, but that couple, jogging down the street, 4:45 in the morning
, are seriously committed.

I don’t know if they are committed to running, to each other, or to safety. But I do know they are seriously committed to something.

So much so that they are signaling to the world and themselves that nothing or no one is going to get in their way.

And I think that’s what we have to do in business and life.

We absolutely have to get seriously ridiculous about… what we stand for, what we’re shooting for, and what it takes to accomplish our mission.

Otherwise, we are not signaling to the world and even more important to ourselves that we actually want it.

Just think about how many times we stop out of fear of looking a certain way, sounding a certain way, or being perceived a certain way.

That couple could give two shits about what the world thinks.

And this ridiculous stance serves them because they stay resolute in their mission and doing what it takes to WIN.

And the bonus, which those stuck in FEAR miss, is that being this way attracts those who agree and pushes away those who don’t.

That’s because FEAR causes us to settle on the fence. It causes us to negotiate away our principles and to accept what the world gives us. Lost, because we have not declared our way, we aimlessly stay stuck trying to get liked.

But being ridiculously committed to your Mission is different.

It’s boldly Leading Your Story and having a Magnetic Message about how you bring real value.  

In short, the STORY is YOU.

And your Magnetic Message, just like a magnet, attracts and also repels at the same time.

So you’re not all things to all people (which even if you tried, breaks down to being nothing to no one).

Instead, you’re EVERYTHING to those few who agree with your unique and sometimes ridiculous STORY.

These loyalists will be the ones who actually BUY what you are selling….

Not just tolerate you. Not just like a post, but the ones who actually BUY.

And regardless of what you’re selling, we all need actual BUYERS.

Buyers are what allow us to stay in the game and move our mission forward.

So I challenge you to be ridiculous today.

Go all in on your vision. Go all in on you.

Signal to the world and more importantly to yourself, that you’re so serious that to anyone looking from outside-in would say…

“Man that’s that’s ridiculously crazy”

And your reply….

And so is failure!

Out… X

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Photo by AAron Lee Kuan Leng on Unsplash