Hasani X is a strategic business advisor who specializes in helping business owners and emerging leaders to eXecute and grow. His simple, direct, and focused approach to eXecution has helped hundreds of businesses and leaders to grow and prosper.

 Areas of focus:

Business Growth: as a strategic business advisor I help my clients create focused strategies to drive top-line growth. You tell me your goals and challenges, and we’ll find a way to eXecute (period).

Business / Leadership Coaching: strategies can only go as far as the leaders who eXecute them. As a business / leadership coach, I help my clients find higher levels of accountability and focused effort to overcome the challenges of growing an organization.

Team / Organizational Development & Training: through in-depth and intense training eXperiences I help transform company culture and team dynamics for improved performance and service delivery.


Hasani started from the bottom, going from the ghetto streets of Oakland California to becoming a first generation college graduate earning an Ivy League degree in Economics and Sociology from the University of

After graduating Hasani went on to co-found 4e Consulting, a business growth consulting firm that used the 4e Model of exposure, efficiency, education, and expansion to grow countless small to mid-sized businesses.

While at 4e Consulting, Hasani also consulted with BJM Solutions, a nationally recognized economic harm analysis firm. His role at BJM included consulting on $100M plus projects and conducting research and analysis
for national policy initiatives.

After a successful business consulting career Hasani transitioned into leadership coaching and team training. For the first time, it wasn’t just about the X’s and O’s of business, but also the X’s and O’s of people.

As a leadership coach and team development specialist, Hasani focused on practical approaches to dramatically enhancing performance and results. And through intense study, a lot of trial and error, and extensive work in the
field, Hasani pioneered breakthrough approaches for behavior modification and leadership.

These breakthroughs led to the creation of Xecute Sciences, where Hasani now coaches and consults leaders and organizations on finding focused purpose, tapping into potential, and maximizing performance. The Xecute
Sciences team has gone on to do great things in the fields of team development and leadership. This includes the creation of
RISE OF A LEADER ™, an innovative leadership assessment model and program for helping leaders of all levels to improve real world results.

Other notable endeavors include founding Chazni Group a real estate investing and business acquisition firm. Chazni Group focuses on turning around under-performing real estate and businesses.

And MOST IMPORTANT: Hasani is a dedicated husband and father. He lives with his wife Chandria and “3 big-head kids” in El Paso, Texas. They are the absolute loves of his life

Topics for Coaching / Speaking / Trainings

  • Xecute Sciences: the art and science of finding and aligning purpose, tapping into potential, and maximizing performance
  • Leading With Vision: how to find & align to a significant and driving purpose where goals become a vision that inspire the personal/organizational mission
  • Leadership Reach: how to create environments of expectation that foster “Power Habits” for increased performance and personal/organizational fulfillment
  • Great Leadership, The Art of Maximizing Potential – how to maximize personal and organizational potential
  • Aligning Strategy to Field eXecution: improve growth and utilization of resources by connecting big picture strategy to field eXecution and “actual” real world results.
  • Momentum over Motivation: how and why you shouldn’t fight to motivate, but instead fight create and maintain personal and organizational momentum
  • Coaching: CXO development, mentoring, and support
  • Consulting: business development, growth, and strategic eXpansion planning