Xecute Riviera Mexico – June 2015

Xecute Riviera Mexico – June 2015

Xecute is a by invite only training retreat for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to grow and push the edge of their possibilities. “THE” Mission of Xecute is simple: take business-minded leaders who absolutely must win and help them eXecute to their highest level possible.

“I walked away more confident and driven than I’ve ever been. If you’re a business owner or leader, attend Xecute – it’s going to fuel business and life growth. There’s absolutely nothing like it.” Lawrence Andre | CEO of The Why Inside

“Xecute was a life changing experience. I was able to let go of things that I never thought I could. Now I’m ready to close more deals and live the life I’ve alway wanted.”Linda Wilson | Real Estate Professional

No Other Training Compares

“I can’t imagine any other 2-day investment that’s contributed more to my personal and business growth, Xecute was simply amazing”
Anonymous CEO

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The last thing you need for your business and life is another dull-boring lecture and seminar, where you take a bunch of notes and then leave without any momentum or incentive to take action.

Xecute is different. It’s the only training geared at helping you maximize performance and eXecute up to your potential. That means you’ll be pushed to learn and ultimately grow through a series of life-altering events and principal based lessons.

It’s this unique combination of universal eXecution principles with real eXercises and eXperiences that will help you eXecute like never before.

So It’s 48 straight hours of

  • honing and defining your business and life purpose
  • uncovering the “true” blocks that are stopping your business and life mission
  • pushing your mental, physical, and spiritual limits
  • planning and systematically mapping out a blueprint for WINNING
  • facing your current story and finding a way to write a new one
  • In short, 48 straight hours of pure eXecution

Get on our eXclusive invite and list and learn more about the next Xecute Leadership and Business Intensive. http://xecuteseminar.com

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Attend because you believe that you can be far more than you are right now!

As leaders, failure often isn’t our biggest fear. Rather, It’s the fear of not meeting our highest potential. It’s the constant internal struggle of knowing our possibility yet living a standard well below it. Xecute helps leaders define, create, and live by the XXX Leadership Standard.

Attend because you believe in serving your purpose and making this life count!

Something inside calls us to BE more, not for the sake of success but for the sake of meeting a higher purpose. Xecute strengthens the drive and passion to live life at a much higher level.

Attend because you have a strong desire to immediately break through to what’s next!

Xecute isn’t a typical seminar. It’s a leadership eXperience designed to help leaders achieve immediate lifelong breakthroughs. Some benefits include improved:

  • Mental focus and clarity
  • Grit/tenacity/mental toughness
  • Heightened purpose & passion
  • Inner control/discipline
  • Outer control/ability to influence
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Remove/decrease stress
  • Peace & inner resolve
  • Confidence/courage
  • New standard & drive to meet it
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  • By invite only: every Xecute attendee is interviewed and qualified for fit **
  • Held monthly: Xecute is held monthly in different locations around the country.
  • Highly intimate: only up to 10 leadership seats at each training
  • From 2-4 days: Xecute intensives are typically two days. On special occasions, they last up to 4 days.
  • Agenda & Activities: Xecute processes are kept secret, so what’s done at Xecute stays at Xecute. We do this to evaluate how leaders respond to real-time situations. We ask all attendees to honor the Xecuters’ code of silence so that others may eXperience it for themselves.

Designed for Instant Impact: We’ve combined the best leadership/business principles, cutting-edge psychology, and universal principles to create a unique, hard-hitting eXperience.

  • Leadership Business Principles: Proven leadership and business principles that help leaders challenge their current strategies for growth
  • Psychology Mental Principles: Cutting-edge psychology to mentally push leaders into situations that reveal core strengths and weaknesses
  • Universal Spiritual Principles: Irrefutable truism that guides decision-making & enhances drive to live with more purpose and meaning
** If you would like to set up a private one on one Xecute
for yourself or one for a group call (915) 213-6464

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