Anyone can focus, but few can refocus

Anyone can focus, but few can refocus

The Reach: 4 areas for laser focusing…

1) Reach Up

To Reach Up find a Rock Star to be your mentor/role model. And by Rock Star, I don’t necessarily mean famous. Rather, anyone that motivates you to set a new standard for eXellence. That’s the Rock Star litmus test. If they don’t help you shift your standard upwards, then you’ve chosen the wrong person to model (period).

Making a real connection to someone that moves you by their eXample may be difficult. And rightfully so, because otherwise you probably wouldn’t be moved. So don’t eXpect instant fireworks. Just keep trying to connect in meaningful ways, because just the act of reaching up forces you to think about your own shit. Does it stink, am I good enough, how can I provide more value, etc.

PLUS: you never know, like the video below you just might get a YES. So always be prepared for YES and able to deal with no.

I’m curious, who will you Reach Up to next? (comment below)
You can guess who I’m Reaching Up to in this post?

2) Reach Out

You’ve heard it before, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. So maybe, just maybe, it’s time to Reach Out and upgrade your peer group.

Start by looking for people who are pushing the edge of where you are right now. People who are smarter and have more of what you want. This group, unlike those you Reach Up to are more accessible day by day.

So get close. That means not just for business, but also hanging out so that you have this crazy mix of fun, respect and competitive comradery. Again, the point is that the people you Reach Out to should HELP not hurt your level of focus.


3) Reach Down

Reaching Down is hands down one of the most underutilized hacks for sustaining focus and accountability. Most people run from Reaching Down, thinking it’s a bunch of work. When the truth is, if done right, Reaching Down is highly effective for creating new levels of focus, accountability, and skill enhancement. For me, Reaching Down has been life changing. Every time I reach down, I leapfrog past previous limits. But again, you have to do it right.

So what is the right way to Reach Down? Well, it’s counter-intuitive because here you’ll want to reach down in an area where YOU want to improve. So for example, if your goal is to get in better shape, take on someone who wants the same thing.

You may be saying, how does that make sense? How am I going to help someone where I need help?

Simple, the only requirement to help someone is that you’re forward them in some meaningful way. For example:

  • You’re 20lbs overweight, but they are 60lbs overweight.
  • You’re 10K in the hole, but they are 100K in the hole
  • You’re semi-comfortable speaking in public, but they are fucking terrified

In other words, as far as they are concerned you’re an eXpert because you can help them…

But maybe you don’t feel like an eXpert. Maybe being forward someone isn’t enough to comfort you in Reaching Down to help. Well, I challenge you to let your balls drop and then consider this:

There are powerful psychological benefits to becoming a teacher. It creates a Win:Win:win. That’s two wins and an awesome bonus.

First the other person obviously wins when you step up. Second, you’ll win because you’ll lose some weight, reduce some debt, become a better speaker, and so on….

And the bonus is that by becoming a teacher you’ll learn better practices for doing whatever it is that you’re teaching. After all, if you’re taking it seriously, you’ll naturally want to deliver the best advice possible. In doing that you’ll be required to dig a little and think about your thinking.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) this is called Meta-Cognition, a powerful process for learning and self-awareness. Or said differently, you begin to understand your own thoughts. You’ll start to know why you know what you already know… (isn’t that profound?)

For my brainiacs who want to eXplore meta-cognition further check out this Havard Business Review article on Meta-Cognition. Also below is a link to an article on Fast Company about the Protege Effect. How teaching, even things you just learned, dramatically enhances understanding of what was learned.

In short, preach and teach damn it…
It’s a Win:Win:win

Click the Image To Read Article At Fast Company

4) Last But Not Least: Reach Inside

None of this shit matters if you don’t reach inside to own a few things. Top of that list is owning your WHY? As in, why are you reaching in the first place?

And here’s another Reaching Inside question to ponder…..

What the hell have I been reaching for all these years?

It all has to be for something, right?
Do you know what that something is?
And if you do know, is your life structured around your WHY, your Purpose?
Or is it out of your control?

These are solid INSIDE questions that deserve attention. Real attention, because living a Purpose driven life isn’t about image boards, hollow affirmations, and hugging trees (though a good tree hugging has its place)

Rather, living a Purpose driven life is about reconciliation between our ideals and what ‘actually’ is. And to the point of this post, you can’t do that without focus AND constant refocusing day to day. Just can’t be done.

So when you look inside and see the lack of ownership of your time, your actions, your outcomes, and all things YOU, THEN QUESTION….

What‘s My Purpose and am I living It?

In the end, if you don’t have a solid Purpose then even these simple ideas will in time become dull tasks that throw you back into another cycle “how to” Hokie Pokie. You know the pattern, reading, learning, getting hyped and then not doing shit to change things. That’s NOT what’s it all about…..

So I challenge you to be a Xecuter, to REACH — up, out, down, and inside. By Reaching you’ll cover all the basis and insulate yourself against being less than you possibly can be.

Or not… you choose

Out… H.X.

P.S. I’d like to thank @TheSharkDaymond, @GregoryMcKeown, @tferriss All People I’m Reaching Up to….

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