Anyone can focus, but few can refocus

Anyone can focus, but few can refocus

I was able to corner Daymond at a business conference a while back. I only had a few seconds, so I knew that I had to make my question count. So I asked him…

What does the brother that has everything still need?

@TheSharkDaymond I still need drive to succeed again… What I’ve already done doesn’t matter, because what’s next requires a new level of focus and dedication. So I still need people and projects in my life who help me stay hungry and focused….

I smiled because just a few minutes earlier I was speaking to a group about staying focused. I told them “focusing is easy, anyone can f#cking focus, but few know how to refocus day after day on what matters most.”

In the post Why Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Are So Successful, In One Word, Greg McKeown nails this point.

@GregoryMcKeown …Imagine if the moment you woke up this morning your eyes focused one time and then never adjusted again. You would be out of focus all day. Our eyes produce clarity through a perpetual process of adjustment. Similarly, in our lives and on our teams, it is not enough to say, “We have our focus!” Rather, and adapting Dwight D. Eisenhower statement, “Focus is nothing, focusing is everything.” That may take the point too far, but it still makes the point that having a focus is insufficient…. BTY: Check out Gregory’s Best Selling Book Essentialism

So is the ability to focus important? Hell yes, but the ability to refocus day-to-day is just as significant. Especially when we succeed, because wins make it’s far easier to lose focus or to focus on an ever eXpanding boatload of non-essential crap. Think getting away from the winning formula….

From Focus to Refocusing

We all need a process to help us refocus day to day. Something that keeps us sharp, something that helps us reconnect to our Purpose and eliminate B.S. (a.k.a. all the bullshit and belief systems that take us away from what’s essential).

And yes, this includes you too. Because if “THE” Shark himself —a billion dollar retailer needs help refocusing, then it’s safe to say we do too.

So whether you’re a small Tuna or Great White Shark, here’s a simple process to help you maintain the edge, stay hungry, and refocus day to day.

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