Why Rent When You Can Own Your Thoughts

Why Rent When You Can Own Your Thoughts

Who’s right… the person who says, “things are always f#cked up” or the person who says “things always good”?

Both…. But in truth, it’s never important who’s right. However, what’s  always important, is the question of ownership.

Meaning, do your perceptions serve a chosen purpose? If they do, then “you own” your perceptions. If they don’t, then your perceptions “own you”. Which better classifies your perceptions, owner of or owned by?

Most people are the later, they don’t own their perceptions, instead they rent them.  And like most renters, people like this aren’t in control. Lack of control means that our thoughts, feelings and actions can never be called to purposefully serve OUR BEST INTEREST. Why would they, we don’t own them.

Which begs to question….

 if we’re not being served by our perceptions, what’s the point in seeing things the way we do?


  • yes it may hurt,
  • yes you’ve been cheated,
  • and yes it seems hard,….
  • But does focusing on that part of your reality really help you?

If it doesn’t help, then your viewpoint can only make you a perpetual renting-victim. The insane part is that renting-victims often fight tooth and nail to uphold their own oppression.

Haven’t we all done this before? We choose to see things in a way that amplifies pain, struggle, and despair. Then to make things worse, we fight to uphold our truth. We do whatever it takes to prove we are right to feel and think the way we do.

But again, our perceptions being “right’ is never important. But whether our perceptions serve us always is. The key then is to seek ownership over validation, service over obstruction, and choice over old stories. If we do that we own our perception and our world.

Lastly, please take heart, accepting this doesn’t mean being overly positive or wearing rose-colored glasses. It’s stone cold rational, self-serving, and just makes sense…. only choose to see that which serves your chosen purpose.

Own your perception don’t rent them. Ownership has perks.

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