Prove That You Are, What You Say You Are

Repost: I have ten minutes while they prep my wife for surgery to have our third child. The plan was to have a scheduled cesarean on the 18th because my daughter’s breech. Yeah right! As the old saying goes, “If you want to make God laugh, make plans.” The funny thing is that despite the hectic and chaotic process I’m the one laughing. That’s because I look forward to the unscripted and unplanned. It’s these moments that really give me a glimpse of what I’m made of.

It’s the unscripted and out of the blue moments that give us an opportunity to prove our true mettle. That’s because you can’t hide, you can’t run – when it’s pure chaos, all you have is who you really are. That scares the shit out of most, but the truth is, it shouldn’t, because it’s more an opportunity than anything else.

That reminds of one of my favorite songs by Lupe Fiasco, called “Superstar.” The chorus goes:

If you are what you say you are, a superstar
Then have no fear, the camera is here
And the microphones
And they wanna know oh oh oh oh (the return)
If you are what you say you are, a superstar
Then have no fear, the crowd is here
And the lights are on
And they wanna show oh oh oh oh, yeah

If you break down those lines then you understand how I feel. I care not about circumstances, only how I step up to them. I pride myself on facing whatever fears I may have. And finally, when the shit hits the fan I say a silent prayer, because if I’m who I say I am – then this is what I asked for.

Some of you may be thinking, “I didn’t ask for challenges or problems.” YES YOU DID, the minute you claimed something. Do you claim that you are honest, upstanding, and have integrity? Then prove it. The only way to do that is to face circumstances that push you into being who you say you are.

I’ve worked with people who were about to lose everything. I mean everything – house, car, even family – but refused to bend their integrity, even though no one would know. Though challenged, they embraced the opportunity to stay true to the person they thought themselves to be. And by sticking to it, even when it was tough and inconvenient, only then did they have irrefutable proof of who they truly are.

So don’t claim you’re strong, loving, smart, courageous, or generous and not be willing to step up to life when it asks you to prove it.

So to my unborn daughter ready to meet this world – I have no fear because whatever happens daddy’s got you. I am who I say I am – so bring it…

– she was born just a few minutes ago (Feb 14th, 4:52 pm) before I could post this. I get the feeling she’s like her dad and couldn’t wait to show the world what she has to offer.

Out… H.X.

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