How do you know coaching is for you?

How do you know that you need coaching, or that coaching would be beneficial in your life?

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I get this question often, so I wanted to give you a few suggestions here. There are three core questions that I ask to help someone come to the determination whether or not coaching is for them.

Three key questions.

This first one is; “Is the ten-year younger you disappointed with where you are right now?” Maybe not fully but there’s a part of that ten year younger you shaking his or her head, like…

“Damn, I thought you’d be further along there now. I thought things would turn out differently. I’m a little bit disappointed about where I am in some area of my life; my business, my body, my family, I’m just not happy because I expected more.”

That’s the first yes. But you need to answer yes to these two other questions because if you’re a high performer, you’re used to succeeding. So chances are you’re going to judge yourself harshly. So it may not be that you haven’t succeed it’s just that you have very high standards. So here are the two other yes’ that we need to check the box in.

Number two; “Is the ten year older you concerned?” Like….

“Man, I don’t know that you’ll ever figure this shit out.” There’s a part of you that feels stuck. There’s a part of you that feels worried. There’s a part of you like,

“Man, I don’t know if I’m giving everything that I need to, to be the man or woman required to create the future that I’m looking to create for myself.”

So the ten year older you is a little bit concerned right now. That needs to be a yes.

That’s not a yes from; “I have a high standard and I haven’t met it.” That’s a yes of; “I don’t know quite what to do to reach the levels at which I want to be at in my life.” Again this could be in some area; business, career, family, body, spirituality, connectedness, meaning, purpose. You qualify what means something to you.

And last but not least, the third yes is; “You know what? I’m tired of the status quo. I want to change something in my life today. I want to figure out how to move forward and as a result I’m willing to do what it takes.

I’m willing to reach out, I’m willing to get help, I’m willing to listen, I’m willing to push the envelope so that I can create the things that not only are for me but for those that I love and lead; to reach my highest potential.”

There’s a yes there. There’s a sense of; “I’m willing to get passed excuses. I’m willing to get passed the stories I’ve told myself in the past and the empty promises I keep telling myself about my future. I’m willing to do something today. Yes, I’m ready.”

That’s how you know. That’s how you know if coaching is for you. The ten year younger you is disappointed about where you are. The ten year older you is concerned about what’s going on right now, and there’s a part of you like, “You know what? I’m tired. I want more, I deserve more, and I’m willing to push the envelope and get some help with someone who can help me create the life I want and deserve.”

Those are the three core yes’ that I look for when I’m talking to someone about whether or not it’s a good idea to come on for coaching.

So if you can answer yes to all three of those things. Not two, all three. Then I think a conversation may be warranted. Reach out.

Get in contact with me. Send me an email to or look on my website, get my phone number. Use the contact me button. Reach out on social media. Private message me. I’m easy to contact but you’ve got to want it.

And you never know, our conversation can be the stepping stone to what’s next for you. That’s it. It starts with a simple conversation. And whether you have it with me or someone else, it’s time to have that conversation or you’ll continue to stay in the position that you are in.

And look, this isn’t about whether or not you’re losing. It’s about whether or not you want to push through to what’s next for you. We only have one life to live, so let’s push for it, let’s make it happen. And if I can play a small part in helping you to get that I’m willing and able.
Reach out. Just wanted to get that to you. I’m out of here.
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