Decision Is Destiny

Of the infinite decisions that shape our destiny I think 3 simple but powerful decisions matter most….

Here’s a great questions someone asked about this video.

How does one know what to relinquished?

I don’t have a hard and fast rule for knowing what to let go. I think it’s different for everyone. But I will say this…

If you put something down and feel your burden decrease, while at the same time your sense of responsibility increase – then you’re on the right path.

Because I think relinquishing isn’t just about easing the way, rather it’s finding the courage to focus on what matters most. In this space, excuses dissolve under the weight of truth. And when one side of the equation decreases the universal law of equilibrium forces the other side to increase by equal proportion.

Thus, what’s relinquished and truly given up must be met with an equal measure of acceptance. In this way, I see our loads actually increasing by way of a higher awareness that brings new levels of responsibly and hopefully efficacy.

That’s why I say the third decision to confirm your next level investment matters. It’s the confirmation of accepting the new level or responsibly. Without it, the transaction is incomplete, because you’ve only traded one perceived burden for yet another.

But in accepting the offer, I think it confirms that you know it’s possible through you. And I mean this in the deepest sense of “you”. As in a more perfected, unified, and divine version of you.

Reaching with this part of you CAN ONLY CREATE win:wins. A win when you finally actualize and accomplish (the material proof) but also the win of growth and appreciation for bearing a legitimate and necessary burden. The burden of proving who you truly are.

(P.S. as much for me than anyone else)

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