Business & Executive Stress

Business & Executive Stress

Excerpt from an interview, I did on entrepreneurial stress.

What are the top three ways to deal with stress at work?

1) Daily Deposits

First, it’s criticality important to make daily deposits into yourself so that you have something to give. Far too often entrepreneurs and leaders feel stressed simply because they feel empty. They feel like they have nothing left to give.

Daily deposits help refill the tank. Think of regular deposits like meditation, exercise, family, and fun as being fuel on the go. With them, you’re ready to give at an even higher level. And when you have MORE to give it’s hard to feel stressed.

2) Perfect Practice Therapy

Psychological studies have shown that the mind can’t tell real from imagined eXperiences. So use this to your benefit by doing what I call Perfect Practice Therapy.

Steps For Perfect Practice Therapy

  1. Recall a stressful scenario (a real one is best)
  2. Think of what triggered the stress (a person, deadline, having too much work, etc.)
  3. Rehearse the scenario by imagining it but without feeling stressed. Instead feel in control, on top of things, like you have more to give. Make you vision crystal clear so that you know eXactly what your non-stressed response looks and feels like.
  4. Repeat your scenario over and over for 10-15 minutes. You should be able to get 60 plus reps of Perfect Practice.

This may sound like a bunch of B.S., but it works because the mind can’t distinguish imagined things from actual eXperiences. In fact, it’s so easy and effective that most of us do it every day without knowing it.

What do we do……

We rehearse and practice in our minds until we create a conditioned response. The problem is, often our conditioned responses are less than perfect because we’ve repetitively rehearsed limiting and negative outcomes.

So we get mixed results.

OR we make the following fatal flaw….
We practice our scenarios while wearing rose-colored glasses.

For example, say you want to rehearse a negotiating situation, and the guy you are negotiating with is a jerk. Well, don’t see him as being nice or less than what’s real. If he’s a jerk, imagine him acting like a jerk.

The key is to be real and only focus on the part you can 100% control. And what part can you 100% control? That’s right, yourself…

So Perfectly Practice YOUR, emotions, beliefs, and actions to reduce stress and get better results.

3) Remember Stress Isn’t Real

Most important, work to change your ideas about stress. Question it:

  1. Is my stress real?
  2. Is my stress necessary?
  3. What happens if I decided to not stress? etc.

Challenge the assumption that stress and pressure are real. Then begin to think about WHO you are. Ask yourself

“Am I the type of that bends and gives into stress”.

Challenging the idea of stress is important, not only because of the pressure and pain it causes, but from what it says about the person enduring it. Meaning, “WHO” you are and what you believe is “THE” very foundation to feeling stressed. Why, because the stress you feel isn’t real, it’s simply a reaction based on beliefs. Again, this may sound like B.S. but I’ll prove it…

If stress were real, wouldn’t we all feel stress over the same things? Wouldn’t my stress be the same as yours?

But they’re not, and that’s why one man’s stress is another woman’s delight. So stress is a subjective construct based on personal beliefs and eXperiences.

That means you can question its very existence in your life. Ask,

 “is my stress real or do I just believe it’s real?”

Many business people physically wear themselves down, how do you avoid this from happening?

I’d give the same exact advice, but with the added suggestion of getting a coach. Because it’s a simple fact, success requires support. That’s why you’ll always find that successful people get support and help along the way. They strategically align with others that help them unleash the strongest version of themselves.

Don’t go at it alone, it’s a big mistake.

How do you mentally deal with a business in ruins?

Business / Financial PTSD is a big issue for entrepreneurs. To cope they must be strong mentally, physically, and spiritually. To do this requires being proactive and developing strength before you go dangling off a cliff.

Because running a business, often feels like being on a 24/7 cliffhanger. That’s rough enough, but when things really get bad, you feel like there is no safety harness, and the only way down is to fall. Ouch….

That’s why I advocate daily deposits, grounding, and coaching. These all help you remain the strongest version of yourself. They will help you feel supported in your climb to the top.

But Maybe It’s To Late For Preventative Measures

If your back is against the wall right now, I’d say get help right now. As an owner or leader too much is at stake for you to be ok with figuring it out on your own.

I think it’s every leaders’ responsibility to do whatever it takes to stack the deck in their favor. That means getting insurance by getting qualified help.

So I tell entrepreneurs all the time, getting coaching doesn’t signal weakness, but rather strength. Besides wouldn’t it be crazy for there to be 10 seconds on the clock, world championship on the line, and there be NO coach on the sidelines.

Be smart, get help.

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