Bold Action Doesn’t Require A Lot of Time But It Does Require Big Balls

Bold Action Doesn’t Require A Lot of Time But It Does Require Big Balls

It’s easier to plan on taking action than to take it. Here’s the irony…. targeted BIG bold action takes far less time and energy than relentless thinking and planning (I’ll prove it…)

But first let’s deal with the biggest Bold Action Killer I know…. 

Info Worshiping

In today’s world, we have way too much fucking  information to contend with.  It’s everywhere, beckoning us to bring on yet more information. Because if we do, we’ll be better for it. And that makes sense because more information, plans, and another round of “how to’s” never hurt nobody, right?


Information obsession is a modern day knowledge trap that keeps us from eXecuting.  It keeps us stuck thinking we don’t know enough. When the truth is, what we glean from cold-stale-lifeless lessons pales in comparison to home grown eXperience.

Meaning, the ideal situation should be:

  • to learn just enough to take action
  • then take action
  • get a result
  • learn from result (this is useful learning)
  • rinse and repeat

I like what Gary V. said in his Clouds and Dirt video. (my summary) keep your head in the clouds to see the overall big picture, but get back down to earth and fucking get to work (period). I liken this to learn enough to know the overall idea, then eXecute to truly understand and innovate real time.

It’s that real-time useful learning that will separate you from the information whores of the world. And again, the irony of all this is that the work, to get results, is often far less time and energy consuming than another information gorging session (i.e. book, seminar, etc.)

Proof Big Bold Action Is Time-Efficient

Here’s an eXperiemnt: today ask yourself a compelling question:

“If TODAY, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, I absolutely had to take my A all the way to Z, what would I do — RIGHT NOW?” Ask without limitation or fear. Ask as if you could do whatever comes to mind.

Now here’s what separates the pretenders from the Xecuters, DO WHATEVER COMES TO MIND.

And here’s a caveat, what comes to mind will NOT be sexy, it will be ugly and direct. It will feel like a loaded bomb because if you ‘actually’ do it, you might ‘actually’ be on the hook to get real results.

And to my point, the action(s) you come up with will NOT take a lot of time. Often it’s one phone call or one simple and direct hardcore action, which you’ve avoided. If you take that action you will “learn” something more valuable than sitting around thinking about it.

String together a few weeks of this and watch your level of eXecution skyrocket.

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Out… H.X.

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